Recover Data After Virus Attack

recover data after virus attack
A frequent question we get at Data Recovery San Antonio, is, “Can you recover data after a virus attack?”. The short answer is “Most of the time”. Depending on what virus has attacked your computer, your data may be recoverable. There are some viruses, like cryptolocker, (  that will encrypt your files, so that they can’t be recovered without the encryption key. Other viruses that cause data loss attack the MBR, delete files, mark files as “hidden”, and corrupt firmware. In these cases, you have a better chance of getting your data back.

How do I know if I have a virus?

Sometimes you will have no idea your computer has been attacked, while the virus is actively logging your keystrokes,  looking for personal information, using your computer to send spam, or to launch other attacks. Other viruses may cause your computer to crash, could make it hang, or your computer may just not start up one day. The only way to be safe is to install a quality internet security software. You can get recommendations on software to buy here:,2817,2369749,00.asp

How much does it cost to recover data after a virus attack?

The cost of recovering data from a computer with a virus will depend on the severity of the damage, and the size of the drive. We classify these recoveries into two levels of severity. Level 1: $200 ± $50 Depending on Size Level 2: $300 ± $50 Depending on Size