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Data recovery for Solid State Drives is generally extremely time consuming. Industry prices tend to run between $1,000 and $4,000, depending on drive size and failure. SSDs are difficult to recover because of the way they store data, and how they are made. In a nutshell, an SSD is made up of multiple flash chips, and a controller chip. The controller guides reading and writing to the flash chips, following a pattern that is intended to spread erasing and re-writing evenly across the device. This process is called wear-leveling, and each SSD manufacturer may use many different wear-leveling patterns.

So how does all this make SSD recovery so problematic? Well, lets say you save an important document to your SSD drive. That file may be saved in multiple pieces across all the flash chips, and only the controller knows where the pieces are supposed to be. If your SSD drive is not recognized by windows, all of the chips may need to be removed and scanned individually. Next, the data recovery company may have to reverse engineer the wear-leveling algorithm that was used, and finally put each file back together using that algorithm.

At Data Recovery San Antonio, we recover solid state drives with certain failure types such as those recoverable with software, but most SSD recoveries will need to be referred to another company.

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