Data Recovery Process – What to Expect

The Data Recovery Process – 6 Stages

There are 6 stages in the data recovery process that you can expect when you bring your device in. Understanding the data recovery process will help you feel comfortable with what is happening with your hard drive, and help you decide if data recovery is the right option for you.

1. Drive Received:

Your drive will be labeled with a unique job number, and entered into our database. This allows us to keep you updated with any progress or change in the status of your recovery. You will need to fill out a work order authorizing us to evaluate your drive during this stage.

2. Evaluation and Authorization:

Your hard drive will be evaluated by a data recovery expert, and we will give you an upfront, firm quote for recovering your data. If you choose to proceed, we will ask for an authorization from you and your recovery will begin.

3. Repair:

Failed heads, stuck motors, logical errors, damaged PCB, or any other problems will have to be repaired. This is frequently the most difficult part of the recovery. If repair is successful, your recovery is going well. Repair can only be done by an experienced professional.

4. Imaging:

Once the hard drive has been repaired, it must be imaged.  We use the best equipment possible, to prevent the failure from recurring during stage 5, File Recovery.

5. File Recovery:

After imaging your drive, a file recovery specialist will attempt to recover all of your files. This may include rebuilding corrupt files, restoring deleted files, and overcoming encryption. Recovered files will be surveyed for functionality, and a file list will be sent to you.

6. Approval and Payment:

If your file list contains all of the critical files that you need, you will need to approve the file list, so that we can get your data back to you. You do not pay until you have seen and approved your recovered file list (for standard service).
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