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Most commonly asked questions

We work on all types of data loss and failures for any hard drive, laptop, desktop, server, external drive, and RAID system. We also work on some USB flash drives and SSDs. We do not work on phones.

Most drive recoveries have a low end price of only $395. Pricing will depend on the type of device, the capacity, and the type of failure. See the pricing page.

Your device must be evaluated to determine if the data is recoverable. If your data is important to you, we recommend you keep the device off and only have it evaluated by an expert data recovery company. Please see our page on what not to do when you may have data loss.

Most recoveries take 1-3 business days but it does vary significantly.

Text / call 210-417-4157 to set an appointment or schedule online here.

Open this page in a new tab if you want to read about what not to do when you may have data loss.

What to do when you may have data loss

Turn off the device. If your data is important, why take any risk of losing it forever? Powering on the device, by itself, can make a bad situation worse. Running software to test a drive, or to attempt data recovery, without first knowing what is wrong with the drive, can be disastrous. If your data is not important to you and do not mind the possibility of losing the data forever, then DIY or non-professional data recovery companies may be an option for you. If you truly value your data, turn the device off and bring it to a professional data recovery company. If you want to work with Data Recovery San Antonio, make an appointment.

If you need to have a device evaluated right away, text or call 210-417-4157

We are available by appointment only. Call/text 210-417-4157 to schedule an appointment or for any questions you may have.

Data Recovery Specialists in San Antonio, TX

Data Recovery San Antonio provides data recovery services locally in San Antonio, TX.  We are experts at recovering data from internal hard drives and external hard drives,  and server or RAID recovery. We recover data from laptops and desktops including Macs, Windows PCs, Linux systems and other computers with all file systems (NTFS, HFS, UFS, FAT etc..)

We will help you understand your your situation, diagnose the device failure, and recommend the solution with the highest probability of recovering your data.  We will never put your data at risk; trust Data Recovery San Antonio – when it’s too important to lose.

About pricing. For single hard drives 3TB capacity or less, most jobs are either $395 or $750 + parts.

If you have any questions, please call us at 210-417-4157

Our Data Recovery Process

You will speak with a data recovery specialist who will explain the recovery process to you, discuss your situation, find out what data you want to recover, and then recommend a solution that fits the importance of recovering your files. If Data Recovery San Antonio is the right solution for your situation, our data recovery specialist will inform you of our lowest possible price for your situation, and an estimate of the time required to perform an evaluation of your failed device. After the evaluation, if we can recover your data at the lowest offered price, we will complete the recovery. Otherwise, you will be given an exact quote for recovering your data, and work will start as soon as you give your approval.  To get a better idea of prices to expect, see our pricing page. For other questions you may have, see our FAQ page or contact us. Please also see our success rate figures.

Data Recovery Evaluation

Your data recovery specialist will schedule an evaluation of your hard drive at our data recovery center. This usually takes 3 to 24 hours, but can take longer depending on the condition of your device. When the problem with your device has been diagnosed, and the evaluation is complete, we will complete the recovery if it can be done at the lowest offered price. Otherwise, you will receive an email explaining the issue, and be given a fixed price for recovery of your hard drive, server, RAID, external hard drive, flash drive, or other storage device.

After the Recovery

Once the recovery is complete you will have the opportunity to come in and view your files before making final payment. For our out of town clients, we will send you a file list for approval before final payment is due.  Upon receiving payment, your data will be released to you, at which point we recommend backing up your data immediately. In many cases we will have a copy of your data that we will hold for 2 weeks, to give you time to create your backup.

No Data, No Recovery Fee

Certified Data Recovery Professional

For out of town customers, here are the steps to starting a data recovery job order:
  1. Click Submit A Job and fill out as much information as possible
  2. If you are shipping the drive in, include your job number. If you will be driving in, make an appointment or call to see if we are available sooner.
  3. Bring or ship your failed device and an external drive, where your recovered data will be saved, to your appointment.

Our Reviews

  • Let me start by saying that Kevin is a very professional and knowledgeable person. I went there after a long search of data recovery places and prices on the internet and it was the best decision I made. First, I already tried with someone who wasn't able to help me. I had a dead internal harddrive, with lot of sensitive information and memories, 1tb hard drive, and he was able to recover ALL the information in 24 hours. He emailed me telling me about every step. And once he had it ready I couldn't believe how fast it was. Other plus, very reasonable price, when I call him the first time, he gave me an approximate price and it ended up been the same. Don't hesitate to look for him if you have any sensitive/important data you need to recover. Reasonable price, free diagnosis, high rate of successful, quick resolution and you don't pay until he had it ready for you, you review your information and you are ready to take it home.

    thumb Ana R Diaz
    May 31, 2019
  • Excellent service. Quickly recovered the data from my laptop which had undergone an apple juice spillage by my 3 year old gran daughter. I thought I had lost everything but Kevin recovered all my data.

    thumb Saul Ponces
    May 31, 2020
  • recovered both of my hard drives 100%

    thumb Tyler Price
    May 31, 2020
  • Kevin was very flexible and the pricing is more than fair. If I ever have a hdd recovery issue, I’m coming here first, no hesitation. Original turn around time was estimated to be up to 7 business days, Kevin recovered 100% data in 4 business days. Highly recommended for any data recovery!

    thumb Daniel Tak
    Jul 6, 2020
  • Kevin was very flexible and the pricing is more than fair. If I ever have a hdd recovery issue, I’m coming here first, no hesitation.

    Original turn around time was estimated to be up to 7 business days, Kevin recovered 100% data in 4 business days.

    Highly recommended for any data recovery!

    thumb Daniel Tak
    May 31, 2020
  • Kevin recovered the data we needed from a mission-critical hard drive, quickly and at a reasonable price. Great service, highly recommend.

    thumb Kelley Cognition
    Oct 1, 2021
  • Exceptional customer service and superior technical competence. Recovered ALL inaccessible data quickly and cost was very reasonable. I was at wits end, two other places were unable to do anything for me. The data was extremely important to me; I was assured he would assess the drive and advise if the cost to recover would exceed initial estimate. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email assuring me that his initial cost estimate was good and he was able to recover the data. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results... Highly recommend as first call for data recovery!!

    thumb Bob Crawford
    May 31, 2019