Flash Drive Data Recovery San Antonio, TX

Data recovery from flash drives is possible in most cases. Success will depend on the type of damage and the type of flash drive.

Types of USB Flash Drive Failure:

  • Physical damage – If the plug is broken, the repair is relatively easy, but if the memory chip is broken, recovery is not possible.
  • Logical damage – File system and firmware damage can be repaired, but it is frequently more intensive than a physical repair. Damage to the controller chip will require a ‘chip-off’ procedure which is the most intensive recovery for USB flash drives.

Memory Card Data Recovery Services:

Camera cards and Smart phone memory cards like SD, Micro SD, Compact flash, Memory stick, are generally more difficult and less successful to recover. The main failure types for these are:

  • Physical damage – Very difficult to recover.
  • Logical damage – File system errors can usually be repaired,
  • Electrical damage – recovery of controller chip damage and other electrical damage can be difficult and expensive. Most of these more intensive recoveries are not part of the services provided at Data Recovery San Antonio.
  • Deleted files – Depending on the chip, deleted files can be recovered from camera cards and smart phone cards as long as the files have not been overwritten and the card has not been formatted.
 We can recover data from deleted, corrupted, damaged, and even formatted flash memory cards and digital camera media like SD picture cards, compact flash cards, XD picture cards, memory sticks and hi-speed USB flash hard drives. Typical media file types include .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .png, .raw, .pcx, or .png.

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