Computer Electronics Recycling

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Computer electronics recycling is easy to do and good for you. All Smart phones, laptops, computers, computer accessories, and computer components, can be recycled. This includes monitors, hard drives, motherboards, keyboards, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and pretty much any other part of a computer. Many computer components do not biodegrade. Please don’t dispose of your computer by throwing it away.

Could my data be stolen if I throw my computer (or USBDrive etc….) away or recycle it?

It’s possible that someone could remove a computer or hard drive from the trash and retrieve private information from it. If you have sensitive data saved such as medical information, financial data, or passwords, you may need to securely wipe the drive before disposal.

Where can I recycle my computer or smart phone?

If you are in or near San Antonio, TX you can bring computers, including laptops, desktops, PC or Mac, smart phones, hard drives, USB drives, and other components to our San Antonio office. We will  recycle any usable parts, and send the rest to a qualified e-waste recycling center. If you need your data to be securely destroyed before recycling, we will contract Smash Hard Drive to do that and charge you their current rates.

Call us at 210-417-4157 to schedule a drop off.