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Kevin recovered the data we needed from a mission-critical hard drive, quickly and at a reasonable price. Great service, highly recommend.

thumb Kelley Cognition
Oct 1, 2021

Exceptional customer service and superior technical competence. Recovered ALL inaccessible data quickly and cost was very reasonable. I was at wits end, two other places were unable to do anything for me. The data was extremely important to me; I was assured he would assess the drive and advise if the cost to recover would exceed initial estimate. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email assuring me that his initial cost estimate was good and he was able to recover the data. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results... Highly recommend as first call for data recovery!!

thumb Bob Crawford
May 31, 2019

recovered both of my hard drives 100%

thumb Tyler Price
May 31, 2020

Let me start by saying that Kevin is a very professional and knowledgeable person. I went there after a long search of data recovery places and prices on the internet and it was the best decision I made. First, I already tried with someone who wasn't able to help me. I had a dead internal harddrive, with lot of sensitive information and memories, 1tb hard drive, and he was able to recover ALL the information in 24 hours. He emailed me telling me about every step. And once he had it ready I couldn't believe how fast it was. Other plus, very reasonable price, when I call him the first time, he gave me an approximate price and it ended up been the same. Don't hesitate to look for him if you have any sensitive/important data you need to recover. Reasonable price, free diagnosis, high rate of successful, quick resolution and you don't pay until he had it ready for you, you review your information and you are ready to take it home.

thumb Ana R Diaz
May 31, 2019

Kevin literally saved my business. One of my project hard drives failed. This hard drive housed over $60,000 in projects. My back-up was not working and this was the last drive I had with all the data for my projects. He met with me on a moment's notice and took my drive. He was very straight forward and knowledgeable and communicative throughout the entire process. He sent me a follow up email the next day to let me know that he could recover 99% to 100% of the data. I expected the process to take several days. However, to my surprise, the data had been retrieved within 48 business hours. When I arrived at this shop to check the contents of the drive, I was blown away that he recovered every damn file that I was sure was lost forever. His business is smaller in size but huge on results and customer service. I'm so glad I opted to go with him instead of the big boys who charge an arm and a leg for a drawn out process that can be handled faster and locally. I highly recommend Kevin at Data Recovery San Antonio. 5 stars!

thumb Andre Gant
May 31, 2019

Kevin was very flexible and the pricing is more than fair. If I ever have a hdd recovery issue, I’m coming here first, no hesitation. Original turn around time was estimated to be up to 7 business days, Kevin recovered 100% data in 4 business days. Highly recommended for any data recovery!

thumb Daniel Tak
Jul 6, 2020

Excellent service. Quickly recovered the data from my laptop which had undergone an apple juice spillage by my 3 year old gran daughter. I thought I had lost everything but Kevin recovered all my data.

thumb Saul Ponces
May 31, 2020

Kevin was very flexible and the pricing is more than fair. If I ever have a hdd recovery issue, I’m coming here first, no hesitation.

Original turn around time was estimated to be up to 7 business days, Kevin recovered 100% data in 4 business days.

Highly recommended for any data recovery!

thumb Daniel Tak
May 31, 2020

5 star review  I am pleased with my experience at DRSA. It is not inexpensive, but it is certainly competitive - I shopped around a great deal. I had a WD hard drive with all of my photos. WD classified it as defective and offered to replace it but would do nothing to recover the data on the drive. It is scary to hand over something like that to a stranger! Kevin's communication throughout the process was timely and informative. His quoted price was right on. He was also quick. I hope I never need him again - but if I do, I won't hesitate to return!

Jill W.

5 star review  Kevin was able to recover almost all of our data after our server shared folder crashed. It saved us literally hundreds of hours of work! Priced fairly for the value of the service. Moreover, he is local.

Scott S.

5 star review  Kevin with Data Recovery San Antonio on Blanco Road is a MIRACLE-worker in my opinion!

After being told by the Geek Squad at Best Buy that my 1-year and 2-day old hard-drive failed on my HP Envy 23 desktop computer, they offered to send it out to a third-party company for the cost of $2500 to recover data with no guarantees of any recovery.

I went online in search of a local company in San Antonio that could recover data. I found Data Recovery San Antonio, read the excellent reviews, and called Kevin right away.

I explained my situation, he quoted $425 if he was able to recover everything and less money if he recovered less. He offered to see me the same day, but I wasn't able to come in. I came into his office the next morning where he wrote down the names of files, documents, and photos I needed, and labeled my hard-drive and external hard-drive with my name. He contacted me a couple of hours later with the news that he was able to recover the files I needed. Unfortunately, there was about three months of photos he couldn't recover because they had been overwritten when I kept turning on my computer and running into a looping blue screen.

Anyways, he attempted to recover more items and then emailed me letting me know his findings. I came in a couple of days later and he sat with me showing me the new locations of the recovered files and photos on my external hard-drive. He even named the files and categorized most of them for me so I could find them easier. I think I had about 10,000 photos of my family and about 100 documents.

He ended up charging me $125 + tax for his work (a lot less than I anticipated). Kevin was very professional, organized, very punctual with his communication, and very quick to get the job done. I asked him for advice on better-quality hard-drives and he was able to give me some good suggestions. I highly recommend him for your needs in data recovery! I will definitely use him again if the need ever arises!

Shirley T.

5 star review  I had an extremely happy and positive experience with Data Recovery of San Antonio. Not only was Kevin much less expensive than nearby competitors, but he was so much quicker than all other estimates. He was the only one in the area (of 5 other businesses) that didn't give me excuses to protect himself if he couldn't get any data or further damage my drive. Long and short, I corrupted some data on my drive and couldn't recover the data by myself. Not only was he able to get all of the relevant data, but he didn't charge me an arm and a leg to do it.

If I ever have another need for this type of service, he will be the only one that I call. I will constantly recommend him to anyone in similar predicaments to mine.

James L.

5 star review  I had my external drive crash and got on line to find data recovery location and Kevin was the first one to respond.

I called him and he was honest and to the point on what he could possibly do for me on top of being very easy to talk to.

Needless to say he was able to recover all my data for the pass six years. He was very reasonable and with a very good turn around. I would highly recommend Kevin @ Data Recovery San Antonio.

Marcus C.

5 star review  Kevin saved the year for me, literally. I own a small auto repair shop, came back to work on monday 08/03/2014 and found my computer would not boot.
After numerous attempts to reset it, with no luck, I contacted Dell, they did come out and install a new hard drive under warranty, but could not help with data recovery. Contacted two other places, both told me slim chance to recover.

I like to read reviews and saw Data Recovery SA reviews which had nothing but good things to say and appear to have been written by actual customers. Kevin was upfront with everything, and gave me some hope, so took a chance dropped off my hard drive thursday. Friday was contacted with good news, price was more than fair. One day later and Im up in running. Can not be Happier. Thank you Kevin, The Busted Knuckle

Tim H.

5 star review  Kevin saved our company data from a RAID 5 configuration that had two of the three drives fail. For those of you who are not familiar with this that is tough to do because the data is written across multiple drives instead of just one. He applied several methods and provided options in order to recover exactly what we needed at a very competitive price.

Data Recovery SA is great and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Kevin thanks again for your help.

Daniel P.

5 star review  I called Kevin at Data Recovery San Antonio because my macbook pro had crashed on me. I use it for mostly work stuff, so I had some pretty important info on there.

Kevin gave me a price range over the phone (close to 50% less than sending my machine to one of the larger recovery companies) and said that if he can't get the data off, then there's no charge. So, I went straight over.

The next day Kevin called me and said that it would be in the lowest range to get everything extracted, so I told him to go ahead and do it.

He kept me updated via email throughout the whole process and was a pleasure to work with.

I have all my data back now and am happy to have found someone reliable locally that I can use for stuff like this.

I highly recommend Data Recovery San Antonio to anyone who has had a computer crash on them with important info on it.

Ryan R.

5 star review  I had files lost on my harddrive that business insiders told me there was no way to recover. Desperate for any possibility, I looked around at local San Antonio data recovery shops.

Kevin responded faster than anyone else -- still during the weekend! -- and was very polite and immediately helpful with options. Then he offered to look at the data and assess options at no charge. As far as I can tell, this is the only shop in town that does that. So his great customer service and no-data-no-charge model got me in the door. And, just a day later, after Kevin had worked his magic, I walked back out that door with all of my files fully restored! I highly recommend Data Recovery of San Antonio.

Jakeb L.

5 star review  I used them through Thumbtack and had a fast quote and extremely prompt responses throughout the process.

Fast solution start to complete.

Emily L.

5 star review  Mr. Eifler was extremely professional and went beyond my expectations in his persistence to solve my problem.

I would highly recommend him for data recovery problems.

Judy B.

5 star review  Kevin was very professional and gave me good advice prior to bringing in my computer. I will use him again, when needed.

Theresa Y.

5 star review  Data Recovery San Antonio is an awesome company! They did a great job for me. I lost my email data on my laptop and Kevin repaired it within 24 hours.
I highly recommend this company to restore/recover your valuable data. Plus, this company has very reasonable costs

Michael S.