Is Data Recovery Expensive?

We get this question often at Data Recovery San Antonio.  The short answer is, it depends on how important your data is to you.  We have noticed, over the years, that our customers usually feel that the cost to recover their pictures, documents, or other files is well worth it.

Let me give you an example. Recently a woman came in who had lost pictures and videos from her son’s childhood, due to dropping an external hard drive. She felt anxious about the cost and the possibility of losing those pictures forever.  After learning more about Data Recovery San Antonio, she choose to proceed with the recovery, and she now has all of her pictures and videos back. This client was so happy and grateful to have those files back,  that she said the price was cheap for what she received.

Many people who ask, “Is data recovery expensive?” will find that their data is not worth the cost of recovery. Whether the cost is a few hundred dollars, or over a thousand dollars, only you can decide what your data is worth. The cost of recovering the data is dependent on the size of the drive, the type of failure, and a few other factors, but it is not dependent on how much a client values their data.

If you have lost data that is very important, and you don’t want to put that data at risk by choosing the lowest cost data recovery option, then give us a call at 210-417-4157