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We provide data recovery services to San Antonio area businesses and individuals for most types of devices and failures. We are specialists in recovering data  from internal hard drives, external hard drives, Servers, NAS, and any RAID device. We are experts at recovering data from Mac OS, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, vista, XP, and many other operating systems.

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Hard Drive Crash Caused Valuable Data Loss?

When your hard drive dies, crashes, or has any type of failure, you risk losing valuable data.  You may not be sure if your hard drive has failed if your computer won’t start up, if it freezes, or you get an error message like drive or device not found.  If you are not sure if your data is at risk, see our post, Common Symptoms of Data Loss.  If you think your hard drive has failed, and you have valuable data that you don’t want to lose, you may need data recovery services. If this is the case, the safest thing to do is power down the device and have your drive evaluated by a data recovery specialist.

Accidentally Deleted Important Files?

If you have accidentally deleted files that you need, they can be recovered as long as they are not written over. Saving, or copying files, installing programs, writing new files, or anything that writes to the hard drive can overwrite your deleted files. If you can’t afford to lose the files you have deleted, power off your computer and seek professional help.

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Data Recovery Services for Lost Family Photos

If you have lost important family pictures due to a hard drive failure, please do not power on the device, and do not attempt a do-it-yourself recovery.  If you do not want to risk losing your pictures permanently, you must seek advice from a data recovery specialist. This does not include, computer repair experts or IT companies, and it certainly does not include electronics retail stores.

We see many drives with priceless family pictures and videos that have been lost forever due to a recovery attempt made by someone without the proper education and training.

When you need RAID Recovery Services

RAID recovery is a difficult process. Most of the RAIDs we see require at least one drive to be repaired, and all of them must be imaged.  That’s the easy part. If repair and imaging is successful, your RAID data will have to be rebuilt.  For a RAID1, nothing is required other than recovering the imaged files, but if there is striping or parity involved, as in a RAID5, only a trained professional can consistently rebuild the RAID data.

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