Frequently Asked Questions

If your device has crashed, or otherwise stopped working, do not power it on. If the device is powered on, further damage may occur! Handle the device carefully, wrap it in an anti-static bag if you have one, and bring it to a professional data recovery company.

Attempts to recover data by an unqualified company can put your data at risk. If your data is important, seek professional help from a reputable data recovery company.

The short answer is usually. The long answer is it depends on the type of failure and what you do with the device after initial failure. For hard drives, powering them on when the drive has been dropped or is making any unusual noise (clicking, buzzing, beeping, grinding…) can lower the recovery odds to near zero. Any attempt to open the drive, or run software when the drive has a mechanical problem, will reduce the chances of recovery and may increase the cost of the recovery. Here is more information on our success rates.

The cost of your recovery will depend on several factors:

  • The type of device. (Hard drives cost more than flash drives.)
  • The size of the drive. (Usually larger capacity devices cost more. Except in the case of old or rare devices)
  • The type of failure. (Generally if the drive requires cleanroom work, it will be more costly.)
(If your device is making an unusual noise like clicking, beeping or buzzing, it may need cleanroom work) There is no way to get an upfront price for recovery without evaluating the device. That being said, data recovery for a single hard drive, 3TB capacity or less generally starts around $395 and can cost over $1000 for cleanroom work. Here you will find more detailed information on our pricing.

In most cases, no. You pay for your recovery after you have confirmed that the data you need has been recovered. When there is cleanroom work needed, parts are a non-refundable deposit.

The average recovery takes about 3 business days. Drives with mechanical failures average about 1 week, but can take much longer. Logical damage such as bad sectors, typically takes 1-3 business days.

You can call or text 210-417-4157 if you have other questions. To get started with your data recovery, pack your device in an anti-static bag, schedule an appointment, and bring in your failed device along with a device that will receive your recovered files, to our office at 7310 Blanco Rd #204, 78216 or use the submit a job link to mail your device in. Your device will be evaluated, and we will complete the recovery if it can be done at the lowest end price, otherwise you will be given a quote for recovery. All work is performed no data, no recovery fee. In the case of upfront charges you will be notified beforehand.

  1. Schedule an appointment, bring in your failed device and a target drive for your recovered data
  2. Your device will be evaluated, usually withing 24hrs, and if we can recover it at the lowest offered price, we will proceed with the recovery. Otherwise, we will send you a diagnosis and quote for recovering your data.
  3. You will be updated with progress through each stage.
  4. After your files have been recovered, we will send you a file list, or you can come in and view the files in person.
  5. If your files look good, you will make your payment and take your data.
  6. Lastly, back up those files! Here are a couple of online data backup services we recommend.