Desktop Data Recovery San Antonio, TX

Most of us keep vital information on our desktop computers, and are not expecting them to suddenly fail. When this happens it can be a shock to realize that you may have lost critical data.  The good news is that almost all hard drives can be recovered from desktops and laptops. If your hard drive contains important data, documents, spreadsheets, MP3s, videos, pictures or other critical information, please, do not take unnecessary risks.  Seek professional help from a desktop data recovery company who can offer you a free evaluation.

Desktop Failure Symptoms

If your computer has failed, and  is clicking, grinding, beeping, buzzing, or making other unusual noises, we strongly advise that you immediately turn it off. Further damage can occur if you try to fix it yourself, especially if you hear any of these sounds. Clicking, grinding, or other sounds can indicate that something is scraping the platter surfaces and could make any chance of successful recovery impossible.

*Software programs geared at desktop data recovery for home users or general computer repair can cause permanent loss of data

Recovery software and utilities are designed to work with properly functioning hard drives. If your hard drive is clicking, grinding or making unusual sounds, any powering on or attempt to access the drive can damage the platters. DO NOT run software or utilities in these cases. you could lose everything!

No Data, No Recovery Fee

Certified Data Recovery Professional

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