Laptop Data Recovery San Antonio, TX

We see two types of laptop failures at our lab:

  1. Failure of the hard drive, requiring data recovery
  2. Other failures that do not require data recovery

When you bring your laptop to us, we will diagnose any problems with the hard drive, and give you a quote for recovering your valuable data. If the problem is not with your hard drive, we will let you know and we will not charge you anything. We can also guide you to an honest and skilled laptop repair company suited to your needs.

Why should you come to a data recovery company first?

If you bring your laptop to a computer repair store, or an electronics retailer, there are two negative things that can happen.

All of your data could be lost, permanently

Companies that do not specialize in data recovery use software and equipment designed for simple situations. When they attempt these techniques on a more serious case, it can cause damage to the hard drive and render your data permanently unrecoverable. It takes years of training and experience to know the best way to proceed with a recovery, which is why we see drives frequently whose platters have been damaged, causing the customer to lose all of their important data.

You may be referred to an unprofessional company that pays a high kickback

Most computer repair stores, IT companies, and electronics retailers refer data recovery jobs, that they have failed at, to the highest bidder. This may not always be the best company for your situation. At Data Recovery San Antonio, we help you find the right solution, even if that is not us. We do not try to up-sell you, or pressure you, and we have no hidden fees.

Why choose Data Recovery San Antonio, TX for your laptop data recovery?

No Data, No Recovery Fee

Certified Data Recovery Professional

We are available by appointment only. Call/text 210-417-4157 to schedule an appointment or for any questions you may have.