Online Backup Services

Prevention is always better than cure. Data recovery San Antonio Texas not only helps you recover your files, we also advice our customers prevent it. We highly recommend to our customers to backup their files to prevent data loss. We highly encourage our customers to backup their files in 3 different places to prevent data loss from happening in the future – their hard drive, an external hard drive, and in the cloud. For cloud backup solutions, we recommend these online services, IDrive and Backblaze, 2 companies we are affiliated with.

Below is a short, comparative brief of what these companies have to offer. But, before we compare companies, we’d like to share with you the features we think are most important in choosing a backup service:
IDrive costs about the same as Backblaze, but as you will see, their features are somewhat different.
IDrive’s personal backup plans start at $49.50/year, all to be paid at once.
Backblaze will charge you either $50/year or $5/month to start.
Storage Space
IDrive will backup 1TB of data, for their personal plans. What we love about their storage space is that you can back up an unlimited number of PCs, Macs and even iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets on one personal account. With IDrive, you can also sync your files with all your other devices.
Blackblaze offers unlimited storage space on a single computer. That means they will back up no matter how large your file size or your hard drive is on their cloud service.
IDrive’s technology in compressing your data before they upload your files to their servers makes their backup process relatively faster and consumes less bandwith.
Blackblaze automatically adjusts to your network, so its backup speed depends on how much data you have and how fast your internet connection is. Their software offers a setting where you can adjust the backup speed to your liking.
IDrive uses Advanced Encryption Standard which is very secure and a top of the line encryption technology which has been through rigorous testing and is also being used the by the US government and military.
Blackblaze uses SSL encryption. It is a well established and well documented technology which encrypts data upon transmission from server to server.
Physical Storage
Idrive can retrive and ship your backup out to you in less than a week with up to 3 TB of data, free of charge, ,1 time/yr.
Backblaze has an option to ship out your uploaded data in a 128GB flash drive or a 4TB external drive, for a fee.
Unique Features
IDrive’s has also integrated their technology with social media. Not only they will backup your storage devices for you, they can also backup media files from popular social media websites Facebook and Instagram, and more.
Backblaze has integrated a location service on their application. This means Blackblaze can help you .


Both IDrive and Backblaze are excellent services that safeguard your important and precious files and data. One or the other service may be a better fit for you based on your needs. Here are the key points of each:
  • Multiple Device Backup You can back up unlimited PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets in a single account. You can even back up mapped drives using IDrive.
  • Social Media Integration You can back up your photos on popular social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Syncing Between Devices You can choose files that can be synced between multiple devices, so you’ll always have your important data wherever you go.
  • Unlimited Backup Storage The best thing about Backblaze is that their plans offer unlimited backup storage. They will back up all of your data on a single computer no matter how large its size.
  • Location Service Track down your lost or stolen device with Backblaze’s locator technology.
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