About Data Recovery San Antonio:

Data Recovery San Antonio is a San Antonio based local data recovery company with an experienced, certified expert equipped with state of the art technology, tools and software.  We specialize in RAID and hard drive recovery, but also offer evaluation and recovery for flash media, depending on the failure. This includes limited services for SSD drives, camera cards, MicroSD, Compact Flash, USB Flash Drives, etc…  For singe hard drive data recovery, our success rate is over 96%.  At Data Recovery San Antonio, we regularly recover drives that have been declared unrecoverable by other companies, and usually at a lower price.

Key Points for Data Recovery San Antonio:

Certified data recovery specialist

  • All work at Data Recovery San Antonio is done by our Head Technician, an IACRB Certified Data Recovery Specialist.
  • PC-3000 from Ace Laboratory
  • DDI4 from Deepspar
  • Head Replacement Tools from HDD Surgery
  • Class 100 Cleanroom Workstation